We stock a large range of Bfi cabinets avaialble in different finishes and with a forms off latching system. we also carry a collection of accessories and spare parts for cabients


Medium Keylock Metal Cabinet            Model # FEX146B         Dimensions H550 x L280 x W200

Large Keylock Metal Cabinet                 Model # FEX146C          Dimensions H710 x L290 x W290

X-Large Keylock Metal Cabinet             Model # FEX146DK        Dimensions H820 x L290 x W260

Medium Pushlock Metal Cabinet          Model # FEX169A          Dimensions H550 x L280 x W200

Large Pushlock Metal Cabinet               Model # FEX169B          Dimensions H710 x L290 x W290

X-Large Pushlock Metal Cabinet           Model # FEX169D           Dimensions H820 x L290 x W260

Large Keylock Fibre Glass Cabinet       Model # WCFG-003       Dimensions H750 x L300 x W290

Large Latchlock Fibre Glass Cabinet   Model # WCFG-latch    Dimensions H750 x L300 x W290

Dbl Large Keylock Metal Cabinet          Model # FEX146E         Dimensions H845 x L565 x W270

Dbl Large Pushlock Metal Cabinet         Model # FEX169E        Dimensions H845 x L565 x W270

Large Heavy Duty Fibre Glass Cabinet  Model # FEXFGW9       Dimensions H845 x L565 x W270