Dry Chemical Powder Extinguishers

Dry Chemical Powder extinguishers are the perfect all around soloution to fighting Class A, B and E fires.

All extinguishers are rigorously tested to provide high fire ratings and and made from a tough robust mild steel.

We offer both a standard range and high performance range of BFI extinguishers.

Our Standard range comes in:

  • 1.0kg DCP – 1A:20B:(E) – (skinny model)              Model # BF10ABE
  • 1.5kg DCP – 2A:20B:(E)                                             Model # BF15ABE
  • 2.5kg DCP – 3A:40B:(E)                                             Model # BF25ABE
  • 4.5kg DCP – 3A:60B:(E) – (slim model)                  Model # BF45SLIM
  • 9.0kg DCP – 6A:80B:(E)                                             Model # BF90ABE

Our High Performance range comes in:

  • 1.0kg DCP – 1A:20B:(E) – (short model)                 Model # FP10ABE
  • 4.5kg DCP HP – 4A:80B:(E)                                       Model # HP45ABE
  • 9.0kg DCP HP – 6A:80B:(E)                                       Model # HP90ABE
  • The high performance range also boasts a mines compliance certification and a strong external nut head for tough and rigorous enviroments


All Dry chemical extinguishers in size ranges 1.0kg-2.5kg come with a light vehicle bracket and sizes 4.5kg-9.0kg come with a wall mounting hook.